Dr. Maria Rosa Garrido Sardà

Associated researcher

Research interests

  • Language, mobilities and social inequality
  • Sociolinguistic construction of transnational identities 
  • Multilingualism in the workplace
  • Multilingualism in non-formal language education


Research projects (direction)


12.2023 - 12.2024

The goal of this research project is to examine language ideological debates throughout the period 1970-1990 in two international organisations, the Council of Europe and the European Union, from a critical sociolinguistic perspective. Their...


Humanitarians on the move

Multilingual requirements, transnational mobilities and moral ethos in the recruitment for the International Committee of the Red Cross


09.2015 - 09.2016

At the turn of the century, the globalized economy, the weight of international agencies and transnational migrations have increased the demand for multilingual competences in the workplace. In particular, humanitarian agencies must recruit...

Research projects (collaboration)


01.2020 - 12.2024

The project offers a space for methodological reflections about critical ethnographic sociolinguistic research based on researchers’ experiences. On a dedicated website, the team makes available a collection of personal tales about specific...