Tibère Schweizer

© Alan Humerose

PhD Student

Research domains

  • Social and educational inequalities
  • Sociology of education
  • Philosophy of language and philosophy of technology

PhD thesis project

Recording, tracking, regulating pupils: the assignment book as a technique of governance

At the heart of the school system is the assignment book that each student is provided with. Being used at the same time as a record, a timetable, a grade tracker and a communication book, it provides insight into how school works and into the relationship to knowledge and learning. In this study, the notebook is seen as a technique embodying specific practices and purposes. As such, it is both a tool used for school organization purposes and a support for writings. This raises following questions: of what nature are these writings, which purposes do they serve and how do they impact the techniques school uses to 'govern' pupils.


DELTA [Beckmann, E., Duchene, A., Hofstetter, D., Korol, S., Meier, S., Schweizer, T., Steiner, M.], & Cochard, B. (2020). De travers / Quer / Di traverso. Le CRIC Edition.