Dr. Jan Vanhove

Postdoctoral researcher

Research projects (direction)


01.2018 - 12.2019

The overarching goal of this project is to investigate how knowledge of a substandard variety of the first language (e.g., a local dialect) affects the learning of another language. The narrower focus is on the intuitions that speakers of...



This project aims to investigate how listeners grow accustomed to non-native varieties of their native language. While most extant research on adaptation to regional and non-native varieties focuses on pronunciation, our focus is on listeners’...

Research projects (collaboration)


01.2017 - 03.2021

The potential to learn foreign languages varies from one individual to the next and has been investigated by many researchers as of the early 1950s. Individuals’ ability to learn foreign languages relies on various elements that have been...


01.2016 - 12.2017

This project aims to describe the development of productive writing skills in children with a Portuguese immigration background living in Switzerland (in the language of origin and in the language of instruction). It is based on data collected...