Standards in Rumantsch Grischun in a multilingual model for language competence for speakers of Rhaeto-Romanic

Project management

Georges Darms

01.2011 - 12.2014
Competences, Evaluation, Learning

Swiss National Science Foundation, project funding, Project no. 135407

The aim of this project is to develop basic standards for the languages taught at schools where Rhaeto-Romanic is spoken (i.e. Rumantsch Grischun (RG) and German). The standards are based on those used throughout Switzerland for German, French and Italian in the context of the so-called HarmoS-L1-Consortium. Wherever possible, a procedure analogous to the HarmoS methods will be chosen. 

The project's objective is to make available a validated set of tools to compile and describe language skills, complemented by the associated basic standards having both a theoretical and an empirical foundation. The major emphasis is placed on the sixth year of primary school due to its significance as a scholastic crossroads. While the development of the set of tools serves a practical objective analogous to HarmoS, the central theme in this project is to pay due attention to the specific multilingual and minority situation of speakers of Rhaeto-Romanic. Furthermore, the project aims to make an independent contribution to research in the area of multilingual competence and multilingual modelling.