Dr. Zorana Sokolovska

© Eveline Beerkircher

Postdoctoral researcher

Research interests

  • Educational sociolinguistics
  • Didactics of French as a foreign language
  • Language and Education policies
  • Institutional and textual ethnography
  • Plurilingualism and interculturality

Research projects (direction)


09.2020 - 08.2025

As the question of the teaching-learning of French in vocational schools in Switzerland is under debate once again, it is essential to study and understand the place and role of French as a school discipline, a working tool and a subject...


12.2023 - 12.2024

The goal of this research project is to examine language ideological debates throughout the period 1970-1990 in two international organisations, the Council of Europe and the European Union, from a critical sociolinguistic perspective. Their...


01.2018 - 12.2019

The aim of this research project is to highlight the emergence and development of the Esperantist discourse and movement in Switzerland, in connection with its characteristic sociopolitical and discursive conditions: neutrality and multilingualism....


Language debates in the making of Europe

Discursive genealogy, language ideologies and (post) national constructions at the Council of Europe


10.2012 - 10.2016

This thesis traces a discursive genealogy of the language debates at the Council of Europe. Through a sociolinguistic and discursive approach to international institutions, different institutional texts produced between 1949 and 2008 are...

Research projects (collaboration)


01.2020 - 12.2024

The project offers a space for methodological reflections about critical ethnographic sociolinguistic research based on researchers’ experiences. On a dedicated website, the team makes available a collection of personal tales about specific...