Dr. Bernardino Tavares

Postdoctoral researcher

Research domains

  • Language, migration and inequalities
  • Lusophone postcolonial migration
  • Language-in-education policies
  • Language and work


Research projects (direction)


Postcolonial encounters in globalisation

(Dis)entangling Portuguese-speaking migrant's social positionings in Switzerland


09.2019 - 09.2020

Lusophonia embraces different kind of groups and people.  If they share the Portuguese language, on the one hand, they do not share the same historical position on the other. This project on language, identity and labour migration attempts...


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  • Tavares, B. (forthcoming). Multilingualism in Luxembourg: (dis)empowering Cape Verdean migrants at work and beyond. [Special issue] Journal of the Sociology of Language.
  • Tavares, B. (in press). The holy quadruple of inequality: Cape Verdeans' multiple struggles in the education system and beyond in Luxembourg. [Special issue] European Journal of Applied Linguistics.
  • Tavares, B. and Juffermans, K. (2020) Language and (im)mobility as a struggle: Cape Verdean trajectories into Luxembourg. In K. Horner and J. Dailey O’Cain (eds.) Multilingualism, (Im)mobilities and Spaces of Belonging (pp. 216-233). Bristol: Multilingual Matters (encounters).
  • Tavares, B. (2018). Cape Verdean Migration Trajectories into Luxembourg: A Multisited Sociolinguistic Investigation (Doctoral dissertation, University of Luxembourg
  • Tavares, B. (2017). Commodification of language in migration and transnational contexts. Transnational Social Review, 7(3), 314-319.
  • Juffermans, K., and Tavares, B. (2017). South-North Trajectories and Language Repertoires. In C. Kerfoot and K. Hyltenstam (eds.) Entangled Discourses: South-North Orders of Visibility (pp. 99-115). New York: Routledge.
  • Tavares, B. (2012). The Verbal System of the Cape Verdean Creole of Tarrafal, Santiago: A Semantic Analysis of the Tense, Mood and Aspect Markers. Munich: Lincom Europa.