Evaluation of the language course offer in Fribourg

Document analysis
Project management
05.2020 - 02.2021
Institutions, Migration, Policy

After the positive outcome of the first Cantonal Integration Programme (CIP), the Confederation commissioned the cantons to implement the second CIP (running from 2018 to 2021). Considering that not all migrants have the same needs and requirements with regard to second language acquisition, Fribourg's offer for language courses is to be assessed as part of the second CIP. The assessment is carried out by the Institute of multilingualism, on behalf the Migrant Integration Office and the Social Welfare Office in Fribourg, which are responsible for Fribourg's cantonal integration policy. Objectives are as follows:

  • outline what challenges and opportunities the sponsors (including teachers) have to meet in order to improve language courses
  • explore interfaces between teacher and course provider and between course provider and client
  • assess the extent to which the responsible bodies have achieved the objectives set.